Bulletproof Formula for Being on Time Every Time.

helpful tips Apr 12, 2021
Photo by Mitchell Hollander from StockSnap

I used to think that showing up late to a meeting showed everyone in the room how important I was. I equated business with success. That’s a larger conversation, but I have learned through experience that it is simply untrue. Showing up late tells everyone else that you don’t care about their time, which is disrespectful and honestly, pretty rude.

When I realized this, I was horrified, and I took immediate steps to change the way I thought about time. I made real changes to my mindset, planning and routine to ensure that I would never be late again. 

Entrepreneurs are busy people, and hearing that you need to be on time, all the time might sound impossible, but I promise you, it’s not. 

I’ve hit on a formula that works for me, and I’d love for you to try it out. It looks like this:

  1. Evaluate why you’re constantly late
  2. Put room in your schedule to prepare for and travel to meetings
  3. Take actionable steps to stay on schedule
  4. Reward your success. 

Get all the details on how to implement these steps, read my full article, “4 Ways To Be On Time Everytime” over on Smart Hustle. Or you can read about other pitfalls in owning a business in The Entrepreneur's Paradox: How to Overcome the 16 Pitfalls Along the Startup Journey.


I’d love to hear your tips for being on time in the comments below!