Forbes Article- 3 substitutions for the damaging phrase "fake it until you make it"

Jul 21, 2021
Business person

It’s an all too common refrain, “fake it until you make it.” While those using this phrase are often well-intentioned, perhaps trying to give someone a vote of confidence that if they keep at something they will eventually find success, there is one big problem with this phrase— the word FAKE. 


Encouraging others to be fake or assuming we need to be fake ourselves is not sound advice. Nobody wants to associate with someone that is disingenuous or trying to be something they are not. 


Instead of saying “fake it until you make it,” I’ve come up with 3 alternatives to this popular phrase that will inspire us to be authentic while still allowing us to reach our end goal. 



  • Face it Until You Ace It


Face your challenges head on instead of trying to fake your way to the top. 


  • Be It Until You See It


Emulating attributes in others that we aspire to be like doesn’t mean we’re fake.


  • Learn It Until You Earn It


Taking the time to learn teaches humility, a big key in being successful. 


These phrases can help us shift our mindset from feeling like we have to be a “fake,” to facing our challenges head on and overcoming them. This change will lead to long-term growth both personally and in your business. To see the full article on this that I wrote for Forbes, click the link here