The To-Do List Template That Will Change the Way You Work

productivity Apr 11, 2021
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from StockSnap

A to-do is an effective tool for planning ahead and structuring your time, but when it grows faster than you are able to check things off, it feels overwhelming. When this happens, it is no longer helpful. 


If you find yourself avoiding your to-do list instead of relying on it, it’s time to change things up. Lucky for you, in my decades of business experience, I’ve been where you are, and I have come up with a proven method to get your to-do list working for you again. 


The method involves breaking your to-do list up into four meaningful parts: “Must do,” “Hope to do,” “To delegate,” and maybe most importantly, “To-don’t.” 


Through a thoughtful system of prioritizing, decluttering and delegating, you can parse your to-do list into manageable areas and set yourself up for a productive, successful day. 


I wrote a full article called “How to Make Friends With Your To-Do List” and shared it with the entrepreneurial community over at Click here to read all of the details on how I organize tasks without making myself crazy, and get the free, downloadable to-do list template that will help you on your way to accomplishing more with a lot less stress. 


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